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COVID-19 Information and Update

Dear Valued Patients, Presently we are restricted to urgent and emergency care only. You may notice some changes to our procedures, but the fundamental high standard of infection control remains. Extra measures include: ▪️added screening questions for patients when...

Chipped Tooth: How Is It Different From A Cracked One?

You are enjoying your favourite drink and are munching on a cube of ice when you suddenly feel (and hear) a cracking sound. This is when you realize that a piece of your tooth cracked or chipped. What a bummer! Now, what do you think you should do when faced with this problem? Is there a difference between a crack or chipped tooth with the way one should address it? Here is some information regarding a chipped tooth that every one of us should know.

Tooth Abscess (Symptoms That Make It A Dental Emergency)

Have you noticed a whitish or reddish, pimple-like bump on your gums? This might be a sign of an infection. But you know what, sometimes, infections concerning our teeth and gums can be hidden from us and will only be revealed if we feel tooth abscess symptoms. So, what should we do in case we suspect that the dental discomfort we are feeling is tooth abscess symptoms already? Will they be warranted as reasons to seek dental emergency services?

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