Are you experiencing an unbearable toothache? Tooth pain may come in varying degrees of severity. Sometimes, dental pain can become so intense that it warrants an emergency tooth removal. Knowing when to seek an emergency dentist can save you from complications. At our practice, you will find an emergency dentist in Brisbane to perform wisdom teeth extraction and root canal treatment for urgent cases.


Emergency Tooth Removal

If your dentist requires you to have an extraction, it is best to follow their advice to prevent further complications. An emergency tooth extraction is necessary when pulling out your teeth is the only way to relieve dental pain. A toothache caused by accidents, severe decay, crowding, and other reasons can compromise your overall health and spread infection and abscesses.

While the procedures of an emergency tooth removal vary depending on your condition, you may expect the following steps:

  1. Your dentist will apply or inject a local anaesthetic into the area where the tooth extraction will occur.
  2. As the anaesthesia begins to work, your mouth will become numb.
  3. Your dentist will proceed with the extraction process by widening your tooth socket.
  4. A successful extraction happens following careful loosening and pulling out of your teeth.


Types of Tooth Removal

young woman preparing for emergency tooth removalTooth extraction procedures vary according to several aspects. Specific factors include:

  • Your oral condition.
  • The position of your tooth in the mouth and jawbone.
  • Your overall health status.

Dental hygienists can classify tooth extractions as either simple, surgical, or wisdom tooth.


Simple Dental Extractions

A simple dental extraction requires the tooth to be visible above the gumline. The dentist can perform simple extraction when removing the tooth in one piece without having to cut away any gum tissues or drilling on the tooth or bones.


Surgical Tooth Extractions

A surgical tooth removal procedure is more complex. This type of extraction involves an invasive technique of cutting away gum tissue, drilling the tooth, or cutting it into several pieces. If the tooth for removal has a large abscess, the dentist might have to slice open and drain the lesion before taking it out.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Unlike the other two types of tooth removal, wisdom teeth extraction is more challenging. Our third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are the last set of teeth that grows in our mouth. It is common for most people to need an emergency wisdom teeth removal, mainly when their wisdom teeth cause the rest of their teeth to become impacted. Wisdom teeth cannot find room to grow through the mouth and gums, causing pressure against other teeth and jawbones.


Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Whether to proceed with a tooth extraction may be one of the most challenging decisions you have to go through. However, you should also note that it is better to address these issues as soon as possible to prevent your condition from getting worse. So, how can you determine if your toothache is something you should be concerned about?


  • Dental Trauma

Traumatic injuries often occur as a result of accidents and sports-related injuries. Chipped teeth and cracked tooth that gets fractured to the gumline are some causes of dental trauma that an emergency dentist must resolve with tooth extraction.

If you’ve had an accident that affects your teeth, it is best to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Immediate dental and oral imaging scans are necessary to assess your current condition. If the area is severely affected, the emergency dentist may recommend tooth extraction to stop decay, damages, and pain.


  • Progressive Periodontal Disease

A delay in the detection of periodontal disease can cause severe tooth decay and dental pain. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to save a tooth when the periodontal disease becomes too advanced. Pockets of bacteria are already too deep that an emergency dentist may have no other choice but to order tooth extraction. Tooth removal by periodontal surgery helps alleviate the pain and prevent further decay.


  • Dental Abscess

A tooth abscess is a common dental infection. It characterizes inflammation due to pus build-up. The condition occurs inside your tooth, which causes pain and irritation. Sometimes, a dental abscess is not detected because it is not visible to the naked eye. Without early intervention, it can worsen and cause the tooth to become more infected. An emergency extraction is necessary when a dental abscess leads to severe dental pain.


Another very common reason for tooth extraction is…


Dental Caries

Browse: BNSPERTHDENTALIMPLANTS.COM.AUDental caries is generally painful when cavities enlarge and become exposed. Some dental caries requires root canal procedure to save the teeth. A root canal involves removing the infected pulp and reshaping the root by adding dental materials as a replacement.

However, your emergency dentist may choose to pursue an extraction when your condition is too severe. Dental caries that reach through the tooth pulp affect its integrity and are beyond restoration. Perhaps an extraction followed by implants is your only choice. Get all the details.


A -not very urgent- reason is also…


Orthodontic Treatment

While orthodontic concerns are not a typical dental emergency, your teeth’ movement can cause debilitating problems. For adults, the growth of wisdom teeth can cause crowding of your teeth. Tooth extraction is necessary to avoid and prevent your teeth from pushing against each other.

A dentist may perform an orthodontic extraction to remove one or more of your wisdom teeth. This procedure helps in extracting your problematic teeth and relieves discomfort. Removal of your wisdom teeth might help prevent future oral problems.


Finding a Dentist for emergency tooth removal

You should address a dental emergency within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. When you put aside your dental treatment, complications can happen. It is crucial to seek the help of a dentist to know if you will need an emergency tooth removal or root canal or just a simple painkiller.

If you happen to look for immediate dental care in Brisbane, our emergency dentists are here for you. Contact our team for after hours appointments.

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