When you think of dental emergencies, there is a higher possibility that in your head, you are thinking about knocking your tooth out or being in an accident that damaged your oral cavity which may need immediate attention. It is quite uncommon for a patient to think that there is such a thing as an emergency wisdom tooth removal. Let us find out what this is and the signs that you need this dental emergency procedure.

Emergency wisdom tooth removal: What is it?

Your wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that are the last to erupt. They are the teeth located at the very back of your mouth that start to erupt by the age of 17 to 25. It is possible that since they are the last to come out, very limited space in the gums is left for them to grow.  This may either cause the wisdom teeth to get impacted or come out at a bad angle. This abnormality may trigger pericoronitis or the inflammation of the gums where the wisdom teeth partially erupted. With this, emergency wisdom tooth removal may be needed.

Emergency wisdom tooth removal: What are the signs?

Go to dentalimplantCostSydney.com.au Having impacted wisdom teeth do not always present symptoms or complaints. But if you feel any of the following and you know your wisdom teeth may be the culprit, it is best to get the services of an emergency dentist.

  • A dull jaw pain
  • Gum swelling especially at the back area of the mouth
  • Sharp pain when chewing or touching the gums
  • An abscess around the partially erupted or impacted third molar
  • Fever which may signal infection
  • Inability to open the mouth due to discomfort and pain.


Emergency wisdom tooth removal: What to do?

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. As soon as your dentist shows you an x-ray image of your oral cavity showing you impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth, we advise you to have your dentist remove them. This will prevent any potential problems that may result in an emergency. However, because there may be a possibility that you are asymptomatic while having impacted wisdom teeth, you may forgo the idea and just carry on with life. We do not say this is wrong because it is possible that patients with impacted third molars do not encounter any problems with it.   However, in cases where you are now experiencing symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth, call the nearest emergency dentist services so a capable dental professional can solve your problem. They may prescribe antibiotics and pain medications for a simple toothache or discomfort. But if nothing works, an emergency wisdom tooth removal is the final resort.   Being in an emergency situation is never easy. You may feel scared, worried, and in pain or shock all at the same time. But with a reliable health partner, you can still feel safe and secure. Make sure you have the number of the most dependable dental emergency services in your area, so you know who to call when the need arises.

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