When one has a knocked out tooth in their childhood, it is normal. That is a right of passage that everybody goes through as they grow up. However, if you have a knocked out tooth as an adult, it is a different story altogether.


Knocked out adult tooth

A knocked out adult tooth can be caused by many different factors. An adult tooth is much stronger than a child’s baby teeth. The reason behind this is because an adult tooth is not meant to fall out once is grows in. If you have a knocked out adult tooth, see your dentist as soon as you can.


Can a dentist place back a tooth knocked out?

There are many factors that affect if a dentist can place back a tooth knocked out of its original socket. The main factor to be aware of is time. As long as the knocked out tooth is brought to the dentist and the person is able to seek treatment within 30 minutes, there is a big possibility that the knocked out tooth can be replaced.


How to prevent adult teeth from getting knocked out

knocked out toothAlthough it is impossible to predict accidents, it is possible to look after your oral health to ensure that your adult tooth is strong enough to withstand any blunt trauma that may lead to a knocked out tooth.

It is important to keep your adult teeth, gums and overall oral health at an optimal level so that you will have less chances of having a knocked out tooth. However, if you are already in the situation and have a tooth knocked out, it is essential that you save the tooth knocked out and bring it to your dentist immediately. The sooner your dentist is able to see you, the greater the chances of saving your tooth.

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