Everyone has experienced tooth pain one time or another. What is the proper thing to do when one has tooth pain? This article will talk about possible tooth pain causes and simple home remedies you can do to get rid of tooth pain.

Tooth pain causes

What causes tooth pain? This can differ depending on the person. Tooth pain can be caused by cavities that are eating away at teeth and have reached the sensitive inner workings of the teeth. Another possible cause of tooth pain is when there is damage to the teeth caused by trauma or injury. If there is an infection inside the tooth, it can also trigger toothaches.

Home remedies for tooth pain

Many home remedies can be used to treat tooth pain. Depending on the tooth pain causes, you can use home remedies to alleviate tooth pain until the person can see a dentist. Here is a list of home remedies that can help a person get over tooth pain.

  • Saltwater rinse

The simplest way to get rid of tooth pain is to do a saltwater rinse. Mix one teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and swish this mixture around the mouth, especially in the affected area. Salt’s natural antibacterial qualities will help relieve toothaches quickly.

man in tooth painMedicines that are sold over-the-counter can quickly get rid of the toothaches. These medicines can be taken on an as-needed basis and can quickly give the person suffering from the toothache quick relief.

  • Hot and cold compress

A hot and cold compress can be used to get rid of tooth pain. It can also help target swelling if the person is experiencing that as well.

Keep in mind that these simple home remedies should only be used to get rid of the pain if the person is unable to see a dentist right away. Remember that seeing a dentist is the key to permanently curing the toothache.

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