Emergency dental extraction becomes a need when tooth pain is too much to bear. Furthermore, several reasons exist for a person to need an emergency tooth extraction. Fortunately, we can grasp them in this article. Anyone who experiences severe tooth decay may need an emergency tooth extraction. This way, the throbbing pain and other symptoms will go away.

Meanwhile, an emergency tooth extraction often takes place inside a dental office. If ever you proceed to an emergency room, they are most likely to provide pain relievers only. Additionally, emergency rooms do not have resident dentists or dental staff that can address patient’s oral needs.

This article will further give us more details about emergency tooth extraction. We better hold onto it to know what to do in case we face a dental emergency. At the end of this article, our cups of knowledge will indeed be full of new information. Let’s go!


Emergency Tooth Extraction

Removing the source of pain.Our teeth have the potential to last a lifetime. However, it doesn’t mean that they are immune to damages that trauma or decay can cause. Severe conditions of these causes can lead to a need to extract the tooth.

Patients may develop these oral issues as a result of improper or insufficient dental care. Meanwhile, a patient may vary with the type of extraction from the other. The extraction method will depend on the severity of their condition and its underlying causes.

In general, we have two types of procedures to remove a damaged tooth. Please see them below.

Simple Dental Extractions

This procedure involves removing a tooth that is visible above the gums. Moreover, it will not be necessary to drill on it or the bone or cut any gums or soft tissue. The dentist can have the tooth removed in one piece.

Surgical Dental Extractions

A patient may need this type of extraction if the dentist finds the situation a complex one. In this case, other dental professionals may be required to handle the tooth removal, such as an oral surgeon. The procedure may include sedation and tooth removal techniques that a general dentist cannot perform.

Overall, extracting teeth requires proper evaluation to determine which type of method is appropriate. X-rays and other tests may become necessary to decide on which dental services patients may undergo. The dentists and other specialists would be very careful in making their judgments.

Meanwhile, what does it take for you to need an emergency tooth extraction? This article will discuss the typical reasons why a patient has to undergo urgent removal of teeth. Please see them below so that it will be easy for you to decide whether it is an emergency or not.


Why Will You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Dental emergencies can occur on periods that are indeed unfavourable to us. In this case, we have to be knowledgeable of which issues fall under the emergency category. Here are a few of the conditions that require immediate medical attention from your dentist.

1 Toothache

Tooth pain can become severe if you continuously neglect it. Although home remedies can help alleviate pain, they may only offer temporary relief. It may not address the underlying cause directly. Furthermore, if the reason has severely damaged it already, removing the affected teeth is necessary.

Even though home remedies are available, it would be best to let your trusted dentist check them. You might need to have an emergency tooth extraction. This way, the source of pain will completely go away.

2 Gum Damage

Aside from our teeth, the gums are also prone to damage. It can be from trauma or gum disease. Patients may also have bleeding gums at this point. Applying a cold compress may help suppress bleeding and minimise swelling, but the cause of damage remains.

Meanwhile, gums are also prone to developing various issues. It can start with inflammation, but neglecting it could end up affecting the bones as well.

3 Broken Dentures or Bridges

Dental appliances are also prone to damage, especially if users have already had them for an extended period. Even though you can repair them by yourself, it would be best to let a dental expert do the job for you.

4 Infection

Infection on your teeth or gums can spread and affect other parts of the body. For this reason, it is necessary to book an appointment with Emergency Dentist Brisbane. An infection can become painful and usually begins from decay.

Moreover, the treatment for it may vary depending on the underlying cause. If the dentist can no longer save the affected teeth, they’ll need to get them removed permanently. This way, the infection cannot affect the others.

Generally speaking, dental emergencies can happen to anyone. Both adults and children can encounter trouble with their teeth and gum tissues. Furthermore, no matter the age, proper hygiene is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The overall health includes excellent teeth and gum tissues conditions regardless of how old an individual could be. For this reason, treatment procedures are essential to save fractured, cracked teeth or jaw or mouth with a disease.


Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Impacted wisdom tooth causing excruciating pain.Wisdom teeth are the last batch of teeth to come out inside our mouth. Unfortunately, most cases of wisdom teeth are troublesome. For this reason, almost all people want to get them extracted. Here are a few reasons why an individual wants to get rid of a wisdom tooth.

1 Impacted wisdom teeth

A patient’s jaw may not have sufficient space to support the breakthrough of the molars.

2 Angle issues

The molars can grow at angles that can affect the neighbouring teeth.

3 Painful growth

The growth of a wisdom tooth can put pressure against the root of another tooth and the jawbone. In effect, the pain can be excruciating. Infection and abscess can then develop on it.

The site where the wisdom tooth grows can also experience swelling. For this reason, it is essential to receive proper treatment and health services to control the situation. Overall adequate care is necessary to achieve the best conditions orally.


Dental Emergencies? We Got Your Back!

Emergency dental situations can arise at times when we are least prepared. For this reason, it is essential to know a dental office that can help us with our oral needs. Fortunately, Emergency Dentist Brisbane is capable of accommodating dental emergency cases.

Aside from that, our dentists have sufficient experience in identifying the best possible tooth extraction method for your current oral concerns. Emergency or not, please feel free to call us at (07) 3132 3803. You can also connect with us through our social media accounts.

Our staff will be more than willing to assist you with your oral needs. So, book your appointment now, and we will give you the exceptional dental experience you could ever have. Don’t let an emergency case endanger your life.

Please leave your comments below, and we’ll see what we can do about them. Emergency Dentist Brisbane got your back. Furthermore, we are here to ensure that your dental health will be in excellent condition. Aside from treatment options, we will also provide education and advice about proper dental care.



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